Interpreting, in respect of all labour relations matters falling under the scope of the Council, the Council’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and any relevant Labour Legislation to the parties to any dispute in the interests of maintaining industrial harmony throughout the sector.


The NEC is also responsible for making provisions for:-pic5

  • Rates of remuneration and minimum wages for different grades and types of occupations;
  • Benefits for employees;
  • Deductions which an employer may make from employees’ wages, including deductions for membership fees and union dues, and deductions which an employer may be required or permitted by law or by order of any competent court to make;
  • Methods of calculating, or factors for adjusting rates of pay, and the dates, times and modes of payment;
  • All issues pertaining to overtime, piece-work, periods of vacation and vacation pay and constrains thereon;
  • The demarcation of appropriate categories and classes of employment and their respective functions;
  • The conditions of employment for apprentices;
  • The number of hours of work and the times of work with respect to all or some of the employees;
  • The requirements of occupational safety;
  • The maintenance of, and access by the parties to records of employment pay.