Aims & Objectives


To, within the industry and in the area in respect of which we are registered, assist members in the conclusion of collective bargaining agreements or otherwise prevent disputes from arising, or settle disputes that have arisen or may arise between employers or employers organizations on the one hand and employees.  Workers committees or trade union on the other hand, and shall take such steps as it may consider expedient to bring about the regulation or settlement of matters of mutual interest to such persons or bodies:
Provided that an employment council shall not take steps in terms of this paragraph in respect of any matter which has been referred for arbitration, unless the Minister requests the employment council to do so:
Take such steps as it may consider expedient to ensure that any collective bargaining agreement and any regulations pertaining to an undertaking or industry with which it is concerned are being observed.


  • The parties to an employment council registered in respect of any activity carried on by a local authority or statutory body shall have power to enter into an agreement such as is referred to in subsection (1).  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any law empowering the local authority or statutory body concerned to make provision with respect to any such agreement.